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I Have A Vision

 by: John Delavera

I have a vision.

I know I am not that Big to have such a vision, but this is my vision.

I want to retire of my morning job and deal with Internet Marketing only. I like to create websites, love to plan new products, passionate with the promotion of good products and services, able to write html code, able to create good graphics and clipart, able to read cgi and Perl code, able to invent things and sometimes to predict my future.

I have this incredible vision. And I am going to make it reality. I started working on this 10 months ago. I had been studying and testing things for my vision since 1994. I know am not an amateur but even if were I should have the same vision, because I have the will to make it come true.

I have this amazing vision. And that vision makes me feel good - even when I feel completely alone, even when I get hate mails from people that want the easy solution for becoming 'tycoons', or even when I fail while testing new ideas and viral marketing tactics, even when I lose subscribers because of my mistake to send more "Alerts" in a particular week. Do you think I don't know it? But I prefer my subscribers to have a vision too instead of being aristocrats (believing they have won what they didn't work for it)

My vision makes me feel good because I realized that this vision is my vision for this 'current life'. I do not think there will be anything else I'd like to do since only when working for this vision I relax, feel 'completed' and satisfied - like having a mental orgasm. My vision is what I live for and if I'll not make this vision a reality in this life then I'd need to re-born in order to make my vision become true in my next life - if that'd be possible.

I have a vision and I love even the idea of having this vision. My friend Michael started calling me 'web-tycoon' before even understanding that I have the power to implement my vision. Michael knew me better than I knew myself. I do not know if I ever become a memorable Internet Marketing Guru. I do not know and I do not care. I live my vision and that's enough for me. Money is not the target; it is the MEANS to make my vision become true.

I have a vision and work like a crazy for it. It's my 'drug' and I don't need any cure. I am a work-o-holic, yes but I enjoy what I am doing. Whenever I finish a project I have already started a new one and this continues all way long. That makes me waking up in the morning and smile, because I know I 'DID' something last night. I ADDED something to my vision; and perhaps I am even closer to my vision.

I have this same vision for the past 4 years. I had the same vision even when I was not able to make just 1 affiliate commission. I had the same vision even when nobody knew who I am and I had the same vision even when I was completely wrong to what I was doing for implementing my vision. Now I know that I know nothing but I know that everyday I am learning much more things than I did yesterday.

I have this lovely vision and am not afraid of admitting it. I know it's difficult to quit my morning job. I earn a lot of money by my morning job. But I am sure I'll be earning more money when I make my vision become true. I know it because I know that the System works and now I know How It Works. If you can earn $100 per month as an affiliate you can earn some 1000s of dollars by creating your own product. That's the System and that's how Internet works. I love my vision because the marketplace of the Internet is Huge. I live in a small country but I do not care. I am a Global Citizen. I fell like an Internet Marketer and fell like a citizen of the World.

I had this vision when no-one believed in me. I had the same vision even when my parents, my wife of my friends were feeling frustrated by the fact I was 'playing' so many hours with the computer. Now I laugh and now they support me; they give me the time I need and they feel good when I hit the keyboard like crazy because they NOW know that means 'I am working' - for my vision.

I have this vision and sympathize with all people that do not understand the way Internet Marketing works and they do not want to let me teach them. I learn from others' mistakes. I do not complain because I know I am learning something new every day.

I have a vision and my vision is not unique. Since I started working for it, I met people that have made reality what I want to do. And I am studying them, I copy them sometimes and I know I follow the right trails they leave. Some people with the same vision believe there is SECRET and they ask the Gurus to learn this secret from them. There is a SECRET. This one: THERE IS NO SECRET. I could not believe it but I became closer to my vision when I realized this rule, this truth: YOU and ONLY YOU are the one that will create YOUR own life and your future according to what YOU can do better, thus the secret is inside YOU; just follow your heart and your mind.

I have this vision and I am writing for it in a different language. I could never believe I'd be able to do such a thing because I had been thinking that people would laugh at me. That was wrong. When you know where you're going, other people allow you to pass and they even prepare the road for you. Your very best enemy is your inner self - no one else has the power to kill your vision. If your inner self is your ally to your vision then you afraid of nothing.

I have a vision and I am going to make it become true.

What's YOUR vision?

What do YOU have to say?

John Delavera

Creator of:

TurboReferer -

Special Offer Manager -

Best-Free-Ebook - htp://

PillSeries Viral Ebooks -

About The Author

John Delavera is a Lawyer (LL.B., M.Sc., Ph.D. cand.) and an Internet Consultant. Creator of TurboReferer, Best Free Ebook, Dynamic Pricing Generator, Special Offer Manager and of many other viral ebooks and software. Keep his articles safe: you save 1^00s of dollars you'd spend for a consultation with him. You can reach John by sending an email to

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