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Remote Collaboration Is Now a Service On The Internet

 by: Paola Musa

Easydesk is a new way to co-operate: a user-freindly instrument for the creation of a "virtual office", designed for professional use, equipped with all the features and and the services needed to assure high performances and above all the maximum security in using it.

It is targeted to: professionals, Small and Medium Companies, Organization, Work Groups to increase the efficiency of the office, improve the collaboration among collegues and with suppliers and clients located anywhere in the World. easydesk grants a daily backup of the data, rapidly cuts some costs of the telephone bill, introduces economically Teleworking, e-learning and CRM.

It does not require to buy software, to create and mantein a personal server or to manage the service.

Easydesk presents a wide range of built-in functions and news ones are been developped for the future:

  • Communication: Email, chat, multipart vocal conference, white board (allows making on-line presentations and lessons), forum. High service assures a safe communication).

  • Filing: sharing of data located on the easydesk server and on the work stations, possibility to keep the data encrypted and to manage the access rights to them for the users of the office, opportunity to make automatic backup of the data located on the work station of the user.

Easydesk is offered as a service on the internet that one pays for what is needed and for the time it is necessary. The payment is made indeed through a subscription to use a basic office, and any additional function or service installed must be bought with points that can be top up, as for the mobile prepaid cards. The subscription includes the possibility to host up five users per office, up to 50 MB of remote memory and all the functions available at the moment excluded the vocal conference; the subscription can be expanded anytime through the above-mentioned top-up system. The annual subscription of the basic costs 180 Euro.


Easydesk Italia Srl

Piazza Vescovio 7

00199 Roma

Telephone +39 06 97611286/7

Fax +39 06 97611288



About The Author

Paola Musa is Press Office responsible of easydesk Italia

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